Monday, 16 September 2013

Five Beautiful Backs to Wedding Dresses

My recent obsession has been unique styles in lace and gorgeous backs to dresses. These two usually collide with wedding dresses - can I admit yet that because of this, I've been searching through pages of beautiful wedding dresses with no sign of an engagement in sight?! Here are my favourite five lace backs to a dress:

5. Tadashi Shaji

This beautiful back by Tadashi Shaji looks like icy leaves have fallen onto the woman to form this unique dress. Perfect for a winter wedding, this icy attire is impossible to ignore! 

4. Veluz Reyes

Elegant, enticing and equisite are just a few words to describe this unique Veluz Reyes dress. Veluz Reyes, a Phillipino designer, owns a collection of the most unique, stunning and elegant dresses for brides all around the world. 

3. Claire Pettibone

This gorgeous Claire Pettibone dress adds a touch of colour to the traditionally white wedding dress. The soft green of the bow and rose pink of the flowers add an unique touch to the bride's dress, while also keeping her feeling beautiful on her wedding day.

2.  Veluz Reyes

Another Veluz Reyes dress! I wasn't kidding about her elegantly unique designs. Here is another example of her perfect princess dresses.

1. Juliet Poyser

My number one is 'Coffee Lace' by Juliet Poyser. This full lace, fitted gown is equally dazzling as it is classy. I can only hope that one day it will be my turn to wear this dress while walking down the isle. 

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