Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Summer Favourites

Summer has finally arrived in London! Well it had arrived, but it seems to have been washed away in the last few days of stormy rain clouds - along with every Londoner's pitiful hope of a sunny summer. However, in true British style, we're all sticking it out, sucking it up and acting like it's still 30 degrees! So without further ado, here are a few of my 2013 summer favourites:

5. Sleek Eye-shadow Palette 

I bought this eye-shadow palette from Superdrug in June for my school's prom. I used a combination of the first and fourth eye-shadows on the top line of the palette for sweeping over my eye-lids and the first colour on the second line down of the palette for just the outer thirds of my eye-lids and also for brushing along the crease of the eyelid. 

I loved how this turned out because the lighter shades gave my eyes a shimmering and elegant look while the darker bronze colour gave my eyes depth and a sexy smokey eye that is perfect for an occasion like prom! 

4. Lancome Hypnose Mascara 

I was bought this mascara for my 18th birthday in March and I think it's amazing! In just a few strokes of this mascara, length is added to my eyelashes which I've never managed to achieve with any other mascara! Hypnose gives you the effect of naturally long eyelashes - I would say they give similar lengths as false eyelashes but without the obvious 'fake-ness'. A perfect addition to your summer make-up to keep you look fresh-faced and naturally beautiful!

3. MUA 'Kiss-proof' Pink Lipstain

It was initially difficult for me to stray away from my beloved rep lipsticks but I needed a lighter and more summery colour this year to compliment my shimmering gold eye-shadow. This MUA lipstain was only £3 from Superdrug and it really does stay in tact for hours! Throughout a full day of wearing this lipstain, I only re-applied once - and that was me just being a little bit picky with my makeup having to be perfect! The bright pink colour gives a bold addition to a plain outfit and compliments my green eyes nicely! 

2. New Look White Lace Shoes

I got these shoes in the New Look sale with an extra 10% off because they already had some dirt on the toes when I brought them to the till - bargain! For only £7, these shoes have done me well as I have hardly taken them off since I bought them! As they are white, they'll go with nearly everything I wear and the lace sides add an extra feminine touch to the shoes as well as a pretty, summer look to my outfit.

1. New Look Yellow Floral Dress

My number 1 summer favourite is also from New Look. This pretty summer dress is perfect for walks in the park, barbecues with friends or shopping days up London in the sun! 

The stunning contrast of the soft purple flowers against the diluted yellow background make the dress seem understated yet still very girly and pretty. The gorgeous white crochet around the centre of the dress adds to that summer feel while also ending the annoying need for a tight belt, which can sometimes feel a bit too uncomfortable while out in the sweltering summer sun. 

Paired with some beautiful rose bobby pins (the rose is dyed cardboard, about an inch in height and width and attached to the end of each pin) completes this fresh, natural and summer look for me with the final outfit feeling comfortable and pretty!

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