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London is a vast, dazzling and unique city full of unexpected beauty filling every nook and cranny of its area. Personally, I feel I may be a little bias in thinking London is the most enchanting city in Britain as it is my hometown. However, as it is also one of the largest tourist cities in the world, I believe many other people may also agree with me. 

It is undeniable that the bright lights of this bewitching city is equally as enchanting as it is striking. Here are just a few of my favourite places from inside London and Greater London:

3. Westminster

To start off the countdown of my top three favourite places in London is the very popular tourist (and local as well, I suppose!) attraction, Westminster. Westminster lies on the north bank of the River Thames, making the Palace of Westminster (left hand image) extremely beautiful at night when the Palace and bridge is lit up with hundreds of soft yellow lamps, creating a warm and comforting vibe to Westminster. 

Westminster is also home to the world famous landmark Big Ben. The tower is now officially called the 'Elizabeth Tower' after 2012's Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As Big Ben dominates over the rest of the structures in its proximity, Big Ben embodies the aura of authority which is also supported by the clock tower's world famous reputation of being one of the most recognisable landmarks in London.

Due to it's soft lighting and historic structure, I believe Westminster perfectly embodies London's subtle pride in its classical architecture and embellished history and therefore deserves a place in my top three favourite places in London.

2. Primrose Hill

I included Primrose Hill in my earlier post 'Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in London' and rated it as the number one most beautiful place in London. As a result of this I couldn't resist also including Primrose Hill in this post - anything to be able to talk about the views again!  

Every time I have sat at the top of Primrose Hill, I have always felt the same senses of peace, content and being unified with all things around me - whether it be friends, nature or even just random strangers also enjoying the view. Sitting on the top of the hill and watching the lamps switch on, twinkling and glowing like earth-bound stars creates an intense sense of optimism and well-being within me which is hard to find anywhere else. 

The sky scrapers of London stretching up and reaching into the nights soft indigo sky reminds me that even a busy, modern and digital city such as London can even possess beauty and enchantments which is unequaled in many other 'unspoiled' landscapes. 

1. Eastcote

As I become even more bias now, I have chosen my hometown Eastcote as my number 1 favourite town in Britain. I took both the pictures above myself as they are my favourite places to be in the world out of all the places I have ever visited. 

The first (left) picture is taken in what I have nicknamed the entry to the 'secret garden' in Eastcote House Gardens. The wooden arch leading up to the huge and twisting tree reminds me of a setting of a fantasy book where fairies, elves and goblins could be discovered. In the summer, this arch is especially beautiful as flowers of many colours grow in the grass on either side of the arch and vines and more flowers grow and twist around the wooden beams in such vast numbers it feels as if you are walking through a tunnel of flowers. 

The second (right) picture is taken from the memorial garden in St. Lawrence Church, Eastcote - the church I grew up in and was a member of until the age of fourteen. The collection of flowers and psalm crosses left for the ashes buried in the garden creates the almost tangible sense of sad beauty but equally happy memories. 

The garden has a special and personal sentiment for me as a loved one is buried there and so I enjoy sitting in the garden on a sunny day and letting the sun shine down and warm my face and back as the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. As I sit, I feel a sense of unity with and understanding for the people's memories and love for the one's who have passed on and because of this reason, the memorial garden is a very significant, very graceful and very radiant place in my eyes. 

A few more pictures of Eastcote House Gardens and St. Lawerence Church:

Eastcote House Gardens

Eastcote House Gardens

Eastcote House Gardens
St. Lawrence Church
May Fair at St. Lawrence Church

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