Friday, 26 July 2013

10 Facts About London Underground

10. The tube travels about 43 million miles every year - that's nearly half way to the sun! 

9. During World War 2, people were discouraged from sleeping on the tube, but later 22,000 bunks were supplied, as well as toilets and food. 

8. On average, 50 people a year commit suicide on the Underground. The peak hour for suicides is 11am.

7. In the movie 'Skyfall' the Underground scenes were filmed only at night in Charing Cross Station over several months. 

6. Bats, newts, mice, rats, snakes, mosquitoes and even deer have all been spotted somewhere in the Underground networks.

5. During Christmas 1940, Underground workers handed out thousands of toys to children sheltering in the train stations.

4. Also during World War 2, the British Muesum stored its treasures in a branch of the Picadilly line - including the Elgin Marbles. 

3. The Victoria line commissioned artists to produce original tile motifs for each station, including the seven trees which give Seven Sisters its name.

2. The Metropolitan line has the fastest train speeds, sometimes reaching over 60mph.

1. Three babies have been born in the London Underground. The most recent was a boy, born in December 2008.


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