Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Submarine Review

Although this movie isn't technically to do with London, I did watch it in London and I want to write about one of my favourite films! 


Written and directed by Richard Ayoade and based on the novel by Joe Dunthorne, Submarine is a coming of age story about the protagonist Oliver Tate's teenage worries, problems and relationships. 

Tate's 'Adrian Mole-like' character gives a potentially sad story many chances for the audience to laugh out loud while simultaneously not taking away the weight and seriousness of issues explored in Submarine. 

The sudden close up and swooping camera shots give the film an perfectly broken and rugged feel which mirrors the movie's theme of awkward teenage discovery and finding oneself.

Alex Turner

I found Ayoade's idea of exclusively using Alex Turner's solo music in 'Submarine' extremely well thought out and researched as Turner's songs embody abstracts such as mystery, eeriness and with Turner's voice echoing on every note, similarly it echos through the grey and empty space of the deserted Swansea beach in what Submarine is sub-mainly set. 

When with his band, Arctic Monkeys, Turner writes and plays upbeat, alternative songs but on his own, Turner's songs seem to unwind as he writes about the small happiness's in life such as watching a girl turn down the lights or going to a fun-fair. This simplistic view featured in Turner's songs fit perfectly to the vibe of 'Submarine' as a main theme of the film is the simple desire of searching for happiness or even just the feeling of content in Tate's life. 

Final Thoughts

'Submarine' is filled with beautifully sad moments and equally enchanting, uplifting and memorable scenes of family, friends and finding oneself. Submarine is nearly 100 minutes of pure entertainment which leaves the audience with a feeling of happiness and a renewed sense of being grateful for their life.

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