Monday, 22 July 2013

Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in London

5. London Eye

Some things in London look more spectacular during the night - the London Eye fits right in with this concept for me. The addition of the sparkling soft blue lights on the trees gives The Eye a romantic, hazy feel - perfect for late night dates of sightseeing! 

4. Hyde Park

In the summer, Hyde Park is swarming with Londoners and visitors bursting to walk along the river, have a picnic on the grass or take out a pedalo in Hyde Park - one of London's most famous parks. Hyde Park has also held concerts and other public events that make this a real hot-spot in London! 

3. London Bridge

Another landmark subject to the enchantment of increasing beauty after night's shadow engulfs London. London Bridge lights up in dazzling blues and whites giving it a powerful and important look. Although London Bridge is also beautiful in the day, the contrast of the red night sky against the bridge's white stone walls make this landmark an incredible and captivating sight.

2. Camden High Street

As soon as you step out of Camden's Underground station onto the high street itself, it feels as if you've regressed through a time vortex as the 80's signature punk rock vibe is pulsating through each shop, stall, person and sound that finds its home in this lively part of London.

1. Primrose Hill

Sitting at the top of Primrose Hill guided me into having a moment in my life where I just took a step back from the outside world of worries about friends, work, school etc. as I engulfed myself into my own mind and just thought 'wow' for a minute and felt overwhelmed with an incredible sense of awe. 

At night and on top of the hill, you can see over most of London and watch the skyscrapers and landmarks switch on their twinkling lights. Watching this makes it seem as if the whole world has lit up for the night and created a sense of peace and being unified as everyone on top of the hill watched this spectacular event together.


  1. All of these places in London are absolutely beautiful! It must be amazing to wake up everyday and be able to see those sights as you walk on by.

    Great post :)

    1. Thank you! It is truly an honour to live in such a beautiful city!

      Charlotte x